Wholesale Kids & Baby Wear From 150+ Manufacturers to 130+ Countries.

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Kids Fashion Turkey™ is one of the leader e-commerce wholesale brands located in Turkey, exporting thousands of kids wear products to the world, every week.

Carefully selected manufacturers, brands and items are being checked daily by our staff and we make sure you receive perfect quality with excellent service.

We focus on making products of Turkish manufacturers available all around the world.

This marketplace is an extention of Globality.Stores initiative. KFT is a brand of Globality LLC & KFT Cocuk Ve Bebek Giyim Ithalat Ihracat Limited Sirketi Sti. Learn More

About Us - Kids Fashion Turkey
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We Are The Fastest Growing Start-Up in Turkey in International Trading Category.

We are an innovative start-up, combining newest techs with new ways of global trading. We only hire high-level IT oriented people and professional marketing experts. We have quadrupled our clients number in just 2 years.

We know international trading very well. So we combined our expertise with amazing manufacturers’ products.

What Does Our CEO Say About KFT?

About Us - Kids Fashion Turkey
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