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Everything You Need To Profit & Success!

Are you creating your own Online Brand?

If yes, you are on the right path! It’s the perfect time to start online business & Kids Fashion business is the right industry. 

To profit from an online business, you have to have a mobile-optimize professional web-site, great social presence, optimized & effective advertisement strategy & reliable suppliers. We can provide you all. It looks too good to be true?

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These services are being provided by the IT & Agency companies of Forionne Group. All the process will be handled by professional teams.

For more details:

Forionne Labs: forionnelabs.com
Forionne Agency: forionneagency.com

Web Site

Woocommerce or Shopify

Let us create the best professional web-site where you can sell your products. It's the gateway to your brand.


Google Ads, Instagram, Facebook

We'll prepare & optimize your advertisement budget according to your needs and your market's needs.


500+ Producers At Your Service

We add 1.500+ new models every season & ship to 90 countries every month. KFT is the only supplier you need!


Amazon, Etsy & Others

Develop skill for career various science & language.

Social Media

Social Media Management

You want to start a business on Instagram? It's not easy as it looks. You'll need a solid strategy to grow your audience.

Video & Photo

High Quality Video & Photo

A great photo and video of the products you want to sell is vital for success! In our studio, we shoot professional videos and photos with or without models.


BIP: Brand Initialization Process

A-to-Z Service from KFT for people who want to create their own Kids & Baby Fashion business.

Kft Bip Service - Kids Fashion Turkey

20+ Years of Experience

We know how to create successful brands.

Kft Bip Service - Kids Fashion Turkey

Unique A-to-Z Offer

We provide everything you need.

Kft Bip Service - Kids Fashion Turkey

Tailored To Your Needs

Customizable & Client Focused Special Services.

What Would All Cost To You Without BIP?

In case you want to handle everything, you’d have to hire professionals from sites like Upwork or Fiver. Let’s see how much it would cost you?

You'd Have To Spend Around 8.000$!

Save Min. 4.000$ By Working With Us.

It’s not easy to be ahead of competition. You can’t expect profit without spending any money.
Even if you work with Freelancers, you’d spend that kind of money and it will drain your budget & investment even before you can buy your stock.

Example Ads on Upwork.Com

An Holistic Offer From KFT Experts.

We help hundreds of people around the world to create & sustain a profitable & successful business. Join them today.

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Our experts at social media management – infrastructure and marketing department can’t wait to work with you. 

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