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Forionne Group

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Forionne Group - Kids Fashion Turkey

Forionne: Innovation Through Creativity

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Fastest Growing Start-Up in Turkey in International Trading Category.


Trading Volume


Niche Marketplaces


Owned Brands

Our Mission & Vision

Making Global Trading Easy & Affordable & Reachable


We believe Turkey is the perfect country for producing high-quality affordable items and ship globally. So we help manufacturers to bcome global.


Forionne has EchoTurkey & Many Other Media organizations to spread the news. Without any borders and prejudices. EchoTurkey.Com has 1 million visitors per month.

Forionne: Trading

No matter what you need from Turkey, we are here to help to find perfect candidate of manufacturer and we help our clients for a smooth operation.


Thanks to our highly sophisticated dynamic technologies we create our own brands and start manufacturing very quickly. 


Turkey is the #3 country for health tourism. As Forionne, we help thousands of patients every month feel better. From hair transplant to eye surgeries, we are there to help.

Forionne: Marketplaces

Under the name of Globality Stores, we operate tens of different niche marketplaces under different brands like this site.

Forionne Group - Kids Fashion Turkey

Let's Stand Together

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Every year, we are getting closer of becoming an Unicorn start-up.
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