What is Muslin Fabric?

Muslin is a finely and loosely woven cotton fabric dating all the way back to ancient India. Made with a plain weave technique, muslin is simply produced with a single weft thread alternating over and under a single warp thread.

The simple method produces one of the softest and most breathable fabrics on the market.

Muslin Fabric Properties:

There’s a reason muslin fabric has been around and sought after for centuries. Here are the top properties of muslin:

Durability: Despite being known for its softness, muslin is also an incredibly durable fabric. It can withstand pulling and twisting (common occurrences with little ones) without tearing or fraying!

Breathability: It’s a lightweight and loosely woven fabric that allows for airflow, which is one of the reasons many parents use muslin for swaddling little ones. More about that below.

Comfort: Muslin is known for its softness which simply adds to its overall comfort level.

Maintenance: When it comes to maintaining and cleaning muslin fabric, the process is fairly uncomplicated (another huge bonus for parents with little ones). Learn more about the maintenance process of muslin below.

Muslin vs. Cotton

Many people wonder, “what is cotton muslin?” and “what is the difference between muslin and cotton fabric?” The answer is very simple!

When it comes to the difference between the two, you need to remember that cotton is a type of fiber and muslin is a type of fabric. Not all muslins are made of 100% cotton fabrics since muslin refers to the combination of fiber type, thread size, and weave. If someone calls a piece “cotton muslin,” they are simply referring to muslin made with %100 cotton, not a mix of other fibers like polyester.

Cotton muslin fabric tends to be softest. At KFT, we offer the highest quality 100% organic cotton Muslin products for the little ones.

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